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Tel: 401.954.5645

Audio Visual Industry // Interior Designers // Architects

Tel: 401.954.5645

Architectural Stretch Fabric System

Snap-Trak® describes a patented design for a stretch-fabric track Acoustic Fabric Panels with extremely strong grip on virtually any fabric used.

Its superior design has led to:

  • 1/2″ Square, 1″ Square Top-Load, 1/2″ Round
  • Licenses to more entities than any other stretch-fabric track system
  • Construction in three different materials
  • “Most Innovative New Invention”, awarded by the Boston Patent Law Association
  • “Most Decorative New Product” awarded by ADEX
  • Representation in more than 10 countries
  • Made in USA

Thousands of projects, worldwide, have advanced the technology of stretch-fabric in an ever widening array of applications along with techniques of installation for secure, worry-free application.

What makes Snap-Trak® so superior?

​Simple: Its unique design assures that the tighter the stretch, the tighter the grip!​ The result – No field failures.

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